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Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. – Project Highlights

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Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. - Representative Projects

IEC offers the following representative projects among the over 15,000 projects we have worked in the past twenty years:

The University of Texas at Austin
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
LEED EQ Certification Testing

Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. (IEC) provided LEED certification indoor environmental quality (IEQ) testing for The University of Texas AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center located in Austin, Texas. The facility is a multi-use building consisting of a 335,000 GSF, 6-story, 297 room full-service hotel with business offices, classrooms, ballrooms, restaurants, an interior courtyard, and below grade parking. The facility also houses the business offices of the UT McCombs School of Business. UT Project Management and Construction Services opted to obtain the LEED EQ Credit 3.2 for Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan: Before Occupancy by utilizing the testing option 2 under LEED for New Construction version 2.2 in lieu of a building flush-out due to occupancy deadlines.

Leander ISD Reed Elementary School
American Constructors

IEC conducted a general indoor air quality assessment of the recently built school as a result of occupant odor complaints and health symptoms.  The scope of investigative activities included general air screening and real-time monitoring for airborne particles, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC Index), ozone, and radon. Temperature and relative humidity levels were also monitored to document indoor thermal comfort conditions inside the building. The general air screen samples were collected using TRI Air Testing’s ambient tube grab sampling methodology, and analyzed for carbon monoxide, methane, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and carbon dioxide. Real-time general air screen monitoring was performed using the Aircuity Optima IAQ Monitor.  Atypical levels of methane were reported in samples, and were determined to be most likely sourcing from an adjacent waste water treatment plant. 

Seton Family of Hospitals – Austin, TX
Brackenridge Hospital, Shoal Creek Hospital, Seton Austin, Seton Northwest Clinic, Dell Children's Medical Center
Mold Assessments, Asbestos Inspections, Remediation Oversights

IEC performs mold assessment and asbestos inspections on a regularly scheduled basis for the hospital group which is the largest private employer in central Texas.  The assessments are conducted during normal business hours while the buildings are occupied by hospital staff, patients, and visitors.  Causation of water intrusion has been determined to be from multiple sources.  Formal reports of findings are presented with recommendations to conduct mold remediation as necessary.  IEC has also conducted remediation oversight, post-remediation assessment, and clearance testing of the remediation projects on a tightly scheduled timeframe in order to keep patient rooms and other facility areas out of operation for as little time as possible.  Projects to-date have been completed within original contracted purchase order amounts and within timeframes.  Continuing projects are generally bid on a time and materials basis.

Charles Schwab Austin Building 3
The Brandt Companies
LEED v 4.1 EQ Credit for IAQ Assessment

Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. (IEC) provided the LEED certification indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment for the Charles Schwab AUS-3 Building located in the Gracy Farms Campus in Austin, Texas.  The project involved the construction of approximately 150,000 square feet on five floors of the AUS-3 building and a basement mechanical room.  The AUS-3 building is served by two air handling units, each servicing one-half of the building.  This testing was conducted to comply with the EQ credit for Indoor Air Quality Assessment under LEED for New Construction v4.1.  The IEC sampling plan included 10 sampling locations, and testing for all of the specified IAQ parameters.  The building was scheduled for testing, and representative locations were sampled for ozone, carbon monoxide, particulate matter PM 2.5, particulate matter PM 10, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs), and target VOCs.  The successful completion of this sampling plan allowed for the attainment of the two credits for the EQ Indoor Air Quality Assessment as well as an exemplary performance credit.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish Hall and Church Building – Pflugerville, TX
Catholic Diocese of Austin
Single Floor Buildings – Older Construction
Mold Assessment/ Mold Remediation Clearance Testing

IEC performed a mold assessment in the buildings as a result of flooding from excessive rain.  The assessment was conducted during normal business hours while the buildings were occupied by employees.  A formal report of findings was presented with recommendations to conduct extensive mold remediation along perimeter walls.  Causation of water intrusion was determined to be flooding as well as leaks at windows and wall expansion joints.  Due to the age of the building IEC also conducted asbestos inspection and sampling prior to the remedial activities.  IEC conducted post-remediation assessment of the project work as each building was phased and completed.

Employees Retirement System of Texas
Headquarters Building and Annex
Proactive Building Indoor Air Quality Assessment

IEC has conducted scheduled annual indoor air quality testing and HVAC systems inspection at the ERS Headquarters Building for over 10 years.  The proactive IAQ testing includes sampling and laboratory analysis for total fungal bioaerosols, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).  Additionally, representative areas of the building are monitored on a real-time basis for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, TVOCs, ozone, airborne particulates (large and small), temperature, and relative humidity using state of the art instrumentation.  Also the building HVAC systems are inspected for general hygiene and potential fungal growth during the IAQ assessment.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – Austin, TX
Single Floor State Office Building
General Indoor Air Quality Assessment

IEC has conducted general indoor air quality assessments of the headquarters building and warehouses including fungal bioaerosol analysis, TRI Air Testing ambient air screening, and Aircuity Building Performance Monitor real-time monitoring for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, radon, total large and small particulates, TVOC Index, temperature, and relative humidity.  Reports included evaluation of results relative to industry suggested guidelines, and included recommendations for improvement of indoor environmental quality in the buildings. 

Texas State Preservation Board
Texas State Capitol Senate Chambers
Lead in Air Sampling during Lead Abatement Project

IEC performed sampling for lead in air in the Capitol building as the Senate Chambers were undergoing renovation and repainting of the historical ceiling.  The testing was conducted to comply with OSHA regulations to protect the health of abatement workers and the quality of the indoor environment at the conclusion of the renovation.

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