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Indoor Air Quality professionals since 2001

Detection & Identification of Indoor Air Quality Contaminants

Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. (IEC) is a professional consulting firm specializing in field investigations and assessments of indoor environmental quality in schools, health care and government facilities, and commercial and residential buildings related to fungal, bacterial, chemical, asbestos, and particulate pollutants.

Located in Austin, Texas, the company was formed in 2001 with a core group of professional indoor air quality consultants with over 70 years of combined experience.  We provide services throughout the state of Texas.  Our organization is dedicated to the detection and identification of problems and contaminants that negatively impact indoor air quality, and our staff includes qualified professionals with a practical approach in addressing today’s indoor air quality issues.  IEC has certified consultants, who are licensed through the Texas Department of State Health Services (TXDSHS) and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), and certified by nationally recognized accreditation organizations. 

Key Team Members

In 2001 a group of the leading building science, indoor air quality, environmental, and microbiology professionals launched Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. (IEC).  Today, the IEC Team is led by these key team members:

  • Hollis Horner, President – Principal IAQ Consultant, LEED Consultant
  • James Reid, Vice-President – Senior IAQ Consultant, Asbestos Consultant
  • Natalie Cancino – Operations Manager, Business Administrator

IEC Partners

To provide a complete assessment of indoor air quality parameters, Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc.  program features a multidisciplinary approach.  Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. strategic partners incorporate a wide variety of professional disciplines, qualifications, and experience levels.  American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) certified laboratories are employed for chemical and particulate analysis. 

IEC Articles & Newsletters

At Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc. we pride ourselves on staying on the Top of our Industry by educating ourselves and researching our industry to keep up with the demand of new technologies and services we can provide to our customers.

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